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Products Liability

Injury claims involving products requires extensive knowledge of the specialized law related to products liability, as well as an understanding of the design, manufacture, distribution and sale of products.  Where a client sits in the chain of commerce plays a huge role in products litigation as does the ability to understand the technical aspects of the product in question.  For over thirty years we have represented product manufacturers, distributors, retailers and end users in products litigation from industries as broad and varied as building products, including windows and wood products, amusement park rides and attractions, firearms, furniture, gym and sports equipment, ladders, go-karts, helmets, shoes, seat belts and airbags, water heaters, batteries, industrial chemicals and consumer appliances.  We have litigated cases in the U.S. involving foreign manufacturers and are well versed in litigating jurisdictional issues.  We are active in understanding the products and industries we service, routinely participating in ASTM conferences, speaking at trade shows and business forums.  If we litigate involving a product, we know all that there is to know about it.  The combination of legal skill and technical and engineering knowledge is the recipe for success in product litigation.